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Kid Me Not: Do You Want to Get Lucky - Ep 04

I never dreamed I would say no to men. I was a "yes" girl, whatever it took to make them like me. But things change. Today there are less fireworks, less passion, less lust in relationships for me now with men. I wear comfortable shoes. I don’t wear make-up much. I color my hair purple and pink. I refuse to live in shame or fear. I won’t apologize for my high voltage personality. I don’t need anyone to fix me. I get massages and facials. I am happy to be home on a Saturday night alone. I watch whatever I want on TV. I keep my bathroom counter top exactly as I want it. I am learning not to hesitate and just say NO. Please like, comment, and subscribe! (And when you subscribe, click the little gray bell, so you'll get a notice of new videos.)