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Summer of Love

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Interview: Kid Her Not

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Aralyn in "In The West"

For over 33 years, Aralyn Hughes has been an Austin icon sharing her own brand of weird, as reported by Bill Geist of CBS Morning News when he crowned her the “Queen of Weird”. Aralyn has appeared as an ambassador for Austin on HGTV, Discovery Channel, both national and local CBS networks, various radio stations, and local Austin venues including Zachary Scott Theater. She's performed at two international storytelling festivals, Winnipeg Fringe and San Miguel Storytelling Festivals.

She was the co-author of “In the West", one of the longest running monologue theatre shows in Austin, which also graced the Kennedy Center and was later adapted into the movie “Deep in the Heart". At 65, Aralyn became a performance artist, storyteller and non fiction monologist. Following her local acclaim, she’s performed at the International Solo Theater Festival, San Miguel Storytelling, and Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

The subject of a documentary, “Love in the Sixties” is a story of one small town woman from Oklahoma, who came of age in the 60s, taking on serious baby boomer questions about love, sex and death. Her first book, an anthology about child-free women who came of age in the 1960s, was also recently published in three languages. “Kid Me Not” features stories of women who made the decision to not have children at the advent of the birth control pill.

An anthology by child-free women from the 60s now in their sixties, KID ME NOT was rated the #1 Kindle Book in Feminist publications on Amazon.

With a forward by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, Aralyn's anthology features stories from women considered the first generation women to truly have a choice, who made the decision to not have children following the advent of the birth control pill.

The book won a Tx Author’s First Place Award in 2015. With stories ranging from personal encounters to recalling decisions made while being a director of an abortion clinic in Texas, the stories are as juicy as they are an important piece of history.

As of March 2024, an audiobook version of Kid Me Not is being finalized.

Available at:

When a 65-year-old feminist 'Dominatrix-wanna-be' place an ad... the response is overwhwelming!

Love in the Sixties is a documentary about how one small-town woman from Oklahoma, who came of age in the 1960s and now is in her sixties, is taking on some serious baby boomer questions about love, sex, and death with an adventurous and outrageous "artist" curiosity to find herself - even at the cost of "ruining her reputation."

Officially featured in three U.S. Film Festivals (Portland, Santa Cruz, and Ellensburg), Aralyn’s Home Economics went on to premiere the documentary to a sold-out audience at Austin’s Paramount Stateside Theatre. Continued successful screenings has led to a birthing of more intimate private viewings accompanied by personal Q & A’s with the starlet herself.