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As we got to talking about the generations, hers being the first to choose whether or not to have children, it became clear that my generation had backslid. Many of us did not listen to our foremothers. We could not see what they had witnessed — back alley abortions, women enslaved by marriage, giving up their dreams for their husbands and families

Saundra Goldman

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“CAN WE TALK SEX? Some people get a big bang out of the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival’s steamiest offerings, and we’re not talking curry from the food trucks. Take, for instance, Aralyn Hughes’s Aralyn’s Summer of Love — confessions of a former hippie turned feminist who ended up at a polyamory nudist camp in her 60s.”

- Maureen Scurfield of Winnipeg Free Press

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“This powerful woman is not only a feminist, but also a great storyteller. Without the use of props, she commanded the attention of everyone in the room as she told the story of three phases of her life.”

- Doug Kretchmer of Community News Commons (Winnipeg, CA)

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"Aralyn Hughes, known around Austin as the Queen of Weird, just might be Dan Patrick’s worst nightmare.

It’s not her art car or choice in pets that would make his skin itch. The ’88 Oldsmobile Aralyn bought for $500 is covered with pig figurines. Back when the pig car was running, Aralyn would drive around town selling real estate with her pet pig Ara riding shotgun."

— John Kelso @ The Austin American Statesman

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"We talked to Aralyn Hughes, a second-wave activist who worked at Austin's first abortion clinic in the years following "Roe v. Wade," about why she became a feminist, what it was like to offer abortion services in the 70s, and how the abortion debate became so violently polarized."

— Taylor Prewitt @ Broadly

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"You may know Austinite Aralyn Hughes from her apartment on the Weird Homes Tour, her performances, or her recently released book and documentary. Perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse of her art car driving around Austin, or you’ve seen a mural painted in her likeness at Bedichek Middle School.

If you don’t know Hughes yet, allow me to introduce you to the “Queen of Weird” through a peek into what’s going on in her life and mind.

— Kelli McDonald @ The Austinot

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