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Aralyn Talks: Feedback Sandwich - Episode 13

I had a guy in my life who said: “I don’t want you to take this personal, BUT I don’t want to spend time with you anymore.”    “Why would I not take it personally, it is about me," was my response.     But over time as an actress, performer, writer, I want everything on that sandwich, the mayo, the mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese.  The feedback, the advice, the criticism.  Bring it on.  It is how I learn.  I don’t have to believe or accept it, but I want to be in the know.  I make myself listen without interrupting.  I don’t try to justify the choices I made. I just listen.  I smile and say thank you.  Check out this 3 1/2 minute or so VLOG (video blog) I did for you! And ON YOUTUBE, please like, comment, and subscribe! (And when you subscribe, click the little gray bell, so you'll get a notice of new videos.) #takingitpersonally, #criticism, #feedback, #listen, #femaleempowerment, #aralynhughesTV, #mindfulness, #feminism, #metoo, #babyboomer, #boomer, #aging, #asexual, #nursewithapurse