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Aralyn Talks: F*ck It - Episode 12

How many times have I said:  "I would not wear that dress to a dog fight." How many times have I been mortified about what I was caught wearing, about not having any make-up on, looking my worst.   Only a few years ago, I regularly dressed in a suit and heels to sell real estate and “would not be caught dead” in anything but my Sunday best at weddings, airports, and the courthouse.  There is nothing like being caught at your absolute worst.  But people love “Candid Camera” and perhaps it is  because they want to see the truth, the mortal side of people, not the polished up and formally presented side.    I think the truth is not what you look like but what is in your heart and how people feel when they are around you.    Check out this 4 minute or so VLOG (video blog) I did for you!  And ON YOUTUBE, please like, comment, and subscribe!  (And when you subscribe, click the little gray bell, so you'll get a notice of new videos.)