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Aralyn Talks: Happiness, Who's to Blame? - Ep 24

How many are happy about the state of affairs in today’s world? * One of my favorite plays/films was the Neil Simon classic THE ODD COUPLE where Oscar, a boorish slob is roommates with Felix, an uptight, OCD, fussy kind of guy.  Their comic interactions in their struggles to get along were the best. Underneath all the conflict they were friends, the kind that have each other’s back.  They had all the that it takes to be HAPPY: 1. A sense of tribe 2. Connection (not isolation) 3. Companionship  Isolation is not the best for us, but a time to take inventory and to be sure we are doing what makes us happy now … and when we come out of this Pandemic. My dad said you are going to be just about as happy in life as you chose to be.  Nothing that is going to happen, relationship, money, job will necessarily make you happy (little did he know of the pandemic to come in 2020).   I chose to be happy, and sometimes I chose to not be. Don’t you think?  [ Free online course on Happiness at Yale University.  Enrollment starts April 13, 2020.] * This vlog (spoken blog) was filmed prior to COVID-19 #aralyntv #aralynhughes #happiness #happinessasachoice #choosehappiness