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Aralyn Talks: Making Pigs Sing - Ep 22

 My longest roommate and relationship was with my pet pot-bellied pig.  We were together 16 years before her death.  She lived with me in the KEEP AUSTIN Weird House in Clarksville on MoPac in Austin, but also had space in my art studio in the backyard.    She loved her piggy pool, her own hot pink decorated art car, and her hooves painted pink on Valentines, red on Christmas.  You can’t imagine how feminine she was for a pig.    Everyone loved her as she was so agreeable.  She didn’t ask questions or pass judgement.  She was just love, from within.    Ara the pig was a role model for me on how to be happy – don’t sweat the small stuff, and how not to be critical of others.  I miss her.   I think people are doing the best they can. I'm doing the best I can. Do YOU think people are doing the best they can? And are you doing the best you can? #Acceptingpeople #DoingBestICan #JudgingPeople #Judgement #Acceptance #Happiness #BeingCranky #HelpingPeople #AralynHughes #AralynTV