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Aralyn Talks: Spirit, Not Religion - Ep 17

When it comes to spirituality vs. religion people have a lot to say. At times an uncomfortable and vulnerable topic, Aralyn talks about what spirituality means to her with refreshing honesty and curiosity. She doesn't hold back her beliefs when it comes to religion. In this video, she tackles defining atheism and how the connotation of that word evokes reactions from people she engages within healthy debate and conversation.  And she concludes that just because a person doesn't subscribe to man-made religious dogma, doesn't make that person more or less spiritual. There is a distinction between the two that, she believes, and does consider herself spiritual. She defines spirituality according to her own terms and invites others to discuss what spirituality means to them whether or not that spiritually is scaffolded by a religious structure. What are your thoughts on what is deemed spiritual and what is religious? Why are people so apt to label someone who is not religious “not spiritual”?  Please like, comment, and subscribe! (And when you subscribe, click the little gray bell, so you'll get a notice of new videos.)