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Aralyn Talks: The Piano Lesson - Ep 25

I met the criteria of being able to play the piano and read music at about the 3rd year level. My participation was part of a PH,D program for a student that intended to teach maybe 100 students at the same time in schools. There were about 8 adults like me paired with music school students who were required to take piano -- which they did not want to do as they wanted to focus on their instrument of choice. So my student match could read music like there was no tomorrow, but he could not match it to the keys on the piano. So we played a duet, my music partner could hear when we were off key, and I could tell him where the keys were attached to the music. There were like 14 pianos in the room, and each student adult pair played duets, but with headphones. So not a sound in the room just in our ears. It was so fun to play music again. I sold my piano as it was too hard to move, and I moved too often to hold on to it. But I miss it! Watch the video by clicking the link in my bio. Don’t forget to subscribe to YouTube and hit the little grey bell to get notices when I post a new video. #pianolesson #continuedlearning #school #piano #aralyntv #aralynhughes