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NEW WEBSERIES: Playing the Age Card - Episode 01 - Sex Ed

In the premiere episode of this brand new webseries, Aralyn and her friend, Nicole, learn everything there is to know about sex toys from Lynn at Forbidden Fruit in Austin.   Count the surprises as you watch Nicole and Aralyn explore the latest and greatest sex equipment: 1. Edible panties 2  2 for 1 dildos 3. Panties - crotchless, double crotch and lined with pearls  4  And other unspeakables You’re never to old to “bone” up! Please like, comment, and subscribe! (And when you subscribe, click the little gray bell, so you'll get a notice of new videos.) #Comedy #Webseries # AralynHughes #Aging #Seniors #Sexshop #Dildo #Sexuality #Panties #xrated